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Dr. David Benton

Gastric SurgeryWarning!! read below



You are putting your health at risk! I have a Special Report that will reveal the

many dangers you face, when considering any gastric surgery.


You also need to know that I witnessed one of my patients regain her weight,

erasing all results from her bypass. As a practicing pharmacist for over 20 years I

have seen many discouraging things. This was one of the saddest I have

dealt with.


That's why I created a Special Report for you. It contains what you need to know

before you choose to undergo a gastric sleeve or similar procedure. I was

overweight as a young boy so I know high frustrating it feels and how much it

hurts for people to talk badly about you. I no longer deal with that pain because

I discovered some hidden facts about the body, but that's another topic for

discussion at another time.


Imagine how foolish you will feel by going ahead and making a mistake without

this simple information when it was offered to you freely. Imagine going through

this procedure and regaining your weight back. What if you simply weren't aware

of the insurance report of all the dangerous possiblities of the surgery itself.

Don't damage your future health. Get Your Own Special "Risk Report"

before it's too late. Remember my patient that regained her weight. This Risky

surgery does not guarantee long lasting results.

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It's My Gift To You.

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God Bless and Good Luck,

Dr. Benton

*This offer may be discontinued at any time.

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P.S. In addition to this special report, I'm going to give you the first module of

your EEAATT program--No strings attached. It is a program that tricks your

body into behaving like a skinny person. There is a reason your body stores more

fat and I found the reason. I also found the way to turn it off. Why would I give

you this? Because I feel a kinship with you through our weight struggle. I was

overweight as a young boy.

Take from me this warning and the hidden answer that was hidden from you 'til


It's My Gift!